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Tone Rangers Albums and Song Listings​​

The Tone Rangers "Total Musical Services" represents the culmination of several years of rigorous practice and complete dedication to the dark tonal arts, as well as being relaxing top-of-the-pops hits for your next sunday drive. Filled with classics such as "Loch Lomond", "In My Life", and "Wild Thing", the Total Music Services provided can truly be fit for any of lifes special moments. The unique heritage of the artistry brings techniques of the a cappella to a whole new height,  as the listeners are drenched in the nearly lethal libation of sonic texture.

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It only took three solar revolutions of the earth – you might call them years – from our first recording session to the release of “We Think You Love Us (But We’ve Been Wrong Before),” yet the interval seems much longer. How did we use the time? The advent of modern digital recording technology enabled us to painstakingly capture our unique and heavily flawed sound. After hundreds of recording sessions, each flub has been perfectly rendered and artistically packaged. 

We were supported by a great team. The music was recorded by talented (and patient) recording engineer, Ken Schubert (Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, VA). A cappella genius and alternative rocker Gabriel Mann (Asylum Studios, Los Angeles) mixed and mastered the cuts. And innovative artist/flash-animator Ben Harben (www.benharben.com) designed the packaging consistent with our every whim. 

We hope you enjoy this small round piece of plastic that some of us still quaintly refer to as an “album.” Order a bunch online for only $15/each, plus shipping and handlings

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